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The grave of Samuel Whittemore, the biggest badass of the revolution

Here in New England, we are the birthplace of nearly all of the revolutionary war’s most influential and infamous figures. People like Israel Putnam, for example, who I will discuss some details about in a future article, specifically the wolf … Continue reading

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The oldest legible grave marker in Connecticut

I’ve spent a lot of time in cemeteries. I find we are never closer to the past anywhere else. After all, with few exceptions – cemeteries never change. With this in mind I paid a visit to the Palisado Cemetery … Continue reading

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Abandoned Connecticut DOT buildings in West Hartford, Connecticut

Initially the lady and I had decided to check out the old “Shade Swamp Sanctuary” as it’s known, located in Farmington, CT. This was a roadside zoo, long abandoned, with many of the cages and such still remaining. For a … Continue reading

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